Alexis Sepkovic is a Los Angeles based multimedia designer & creative strategist with a professional background in branding, product development and digital media production. As an independent Art Director her work now spans film projects and 3D installations to create immersive experiences across a variety of interactive mediums. She is enthusiastic about collaborations driven by sustainable design, a minimal eco-footprint and an appreciation for the great outdoors. When she finds time to escape the glow of the computer screen, Alexis is also an avid snowboarder, backpacker, swimmer and documenter of all the above.


For the past 15 years as an Industrial & Graphic Designer, Fred DePerio has created innovative technical products and retail installations for lifestyle brands worldwide- with a clear and consistent impetus to push the boundaries on existing consumer offerings. Through exhaustive market analysis and explorations of sculptural forms and surface renderings, his design work allows brands a look into a new world of product possibilities. Fred’s understanding of engineering and manufacturing processes play an important role in working through final development stages; ultimately bring the imaginary to life. His favorite place to clear his head is in the serene canyons of Los Angeles, whether on the back of one of his motorcycles or on foot during a quick city hike.


Liana Cabrera has been working in social media marketing for luxury brands for nearly a decade. Trusted by international fashion brands as well as Michelin-rated and James Beard-nominated chefs, Liana works collaboratively with businesses to create the consistent and focused messaging needed to amplify each brand’s unique purpose, personality, and vision. Her single goal is to develop a simple, scalable strategy that lends itself to the healthy growth and mindful management of each client’s online presence.


Nora Yakoubian is a San Francisco based design professional working at the intersection of interior design, food and retail. While earning her degree in Interior Design she look a year long product and furniture design course in London, turning her attention towards the world of objects and the people who create them. With a focus on how and why things are made, she has carved a unique niche for herself in the retail sector working with prominent Interior Designers, Architects, Makers, Chefs and everyone in-between. When she is ready to unwind you can find her at the nearest flea market or at home trying out a new cookbook.


Drew Frist is an independent Graphic Designer and Art Director based in Los Angeles. He specializes in developing tailored design strategy and realizing them with type-driven and elevated design. His work strives to illustrate the contemporary human experience and link its visual connection with the world. Most recently, Drew was the Art Director and Graphic Designer at Kelly Wearstler.


Creative strategist Margaret Williamson Bechtold believes that great brands should function as entire planets, not just a range of products. Her highly adaptable skill set encompasses brand creation, world building, forecasting, strategy, content, imaging, engagement and voice. Having honed her crafts as concept director of the prestigious branding think tank TOBE, Margaret has personally guided and inspired the top management, creative teams and marketing departments of many major fashion, beauty, entertainment, and food and beverage companies, including LVMH, A+E Networks, and Campbell’s. Her favorite projects are those that provide more value—not just more stuff—to the world; smart, micro-homes that can be manufactured like cars that endeavor to solve the urban density crisis, and a closed-loop fashion marketplace top the list. Margaret employs a human-centric lens to every new venture, and has a flexible approach that works for emergent and existing brands alike.


Product Developer & Production Manager Suzanne Shpall understands that true innovation comes from imagination nimbleness and versatility. Having built her own cannabis companies MOGON and Highland Pantry and worked as Creative & Marketing Director at Flower Company and Fiorello Agency Suzanne has a unique understanding of what it takes to build a landmark brand within a highly regulated industry. Suzanne’s prior experience in food fashion and music have helped her to hone a foundational expertise in product development production and sales & distribution. A professional background that crosses industry boundaries has enriched Suzanne’s expertise with a broad set of skills knowledge base and the first hand experiences that allow her to work effectively amongst a creative community in any space.